Project progress

28.08.2023 Closing Event
24.03.2023 Working Group International
15.03.2023 Peer Group Communication
14.03.2023 Information session Drones and Urban Air Mobility
09.03.2023 Virtual exchance Streering Committee
27., 28.02., 08. + 09.03.2023 Webinar organizational development
14.02.2023 Working Group Human Resources
09.02.2023 Virtual exchance Streering Committee
01., 02., 08.+ 09.02.2023 Webinar Stakeholder-Kommunikation
12.01.2023 Steering Committee Meeting
14.12.2022 Working Group Human Resources
08.12.2022 Virtual exchance Streering Committee
07.12.2022 Peer Group Events
05.12.2022 After Work
05.12.2022 Information session Metaverse with nextReality.Hamburg e.V.
29.11.2022 Peer Group Finances
18.11.2022 Peer Group Projects
02.11.2022 Working Group Human Resources
14.10.2022 Peer Group Projects
12.10.2022 Lego Serious Play Workshop Resilience
06.10.2022 Peer Group Communication
14.09.2022 After Work
13.09.2022 Virtual exchance Community-Magagement
01.09.2022 Networking Meeting Hamburg's Clusters mettes Aufbruch.Hamburg
16.08.2022 Working Group Human Resources
12.08.2022 Peer Group Projects
11.08.2022 Virtual exchance Streering Committee
05., 18.05., 23.06. + 18.07.2022 Webinar Accounting refresher course
13.07.2022 After Work
07.07.2022 Information session InnoHub Aufbruch.Hamburg
07.07.2022 Virtual exchance Streering Committee
21.06.2022 Peer Group Finances
16.06.2022 Peer Group Events
09.06.2022 Virtual exchance Streering Committee
12.05.2022 Virtual exchance Streering Committee

Information session FAIRcraft: creativity meets aviation

27.04.2022 Co-Learning Space on tour: we visited the ARIC-Showroom
21.04.2022 Peer Group Communication
08.04.2022 Steering Committee Meeting
07.04.2022 Virtual exchance Streering Committee
06.04.2022 Webinar Lego-Serious-Play hydrogen
31.03., 07., 14. + 28.04.2022 Webinar Community-Management
23.03.2022 Peer Group Communication
10.03.2022 Virtual exchance Streering Committee
28.02.2022 Peer Group Finances
24.02.2022 Information session digital platform: Startup City Hamburg
15.02.2022 Peer Group Projects
10.02.2022 Virtual exchance Streering Committee
31.01. + 07.02.2022 Webinar Project accounting
28.01.2022 Virtual exchange Steering Committee
27.01.2022 Peer Group Events
13.01.2022 Virtual exchance Streering Committee
11.01.2022 Peer Group Communication
09.12.2021 Peer Group Events
08.12.2021 Information session Strategic development of a hydrogen cluster
01.12.2021 Virtual exchance Streering Committee
23.11.2021 Peer Group Finances
19.11.2021 Steering Committee Meeting
03.11.2021 Virtual exchance Steering Committee
07.10.2021 Peer Group Projects
06.10.2021 Virtual exchance Steering Committee
28.09.2021 Peer Group Finances
21.09.2021 Information session structural network analysis
07.09.2021 Peer Group Events
24.08.2021 Peer Group Communication
16., 17., 25. + 26.08.2021 Webinar Project management
10.08.2021 Peer Group Finances
04.08.2021 Virtual exchance Steering Committee
27.07.2021 Peer Group Events
07.07.2021 Virtual exchance Steering Committee
09.06.2021 Virtual exchance Steering Committee
21.05.2021 Workshop hydrogen
06.05.2021 Cross-Cluster event hydrogen
04.05.2021 Virtual exchance Steering Committee
19.04.2021 Cross-Cluster event drones/UAM
13.04.2021 Peer Group Finances
06.04.2021 Virtual exchance Steering Committee
26.03.2021 Steering Committee Meeting
24.03.2021 Presentation of the study Regional Cluster in times of Corona
16.03.2021 Peer Group Projects
09.03.2021 Virtual exchange Steering Committee
18.02.2021 Co-Learning Space on tour: we visited the emergency lab of Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft
17.02.2021 Peer Group Communication
09.02.2021 Virtual exchange Steering Committee
27.01.2021 Peer Group Finances
18., 20. + 25.01.2021 Webinar How to organize online events
14.01.2021 Information session about drones/UAM
12.01.2021 Peer Group Events
12.01.2021 Virtual exchange Steering Committee
16.12.2020 Co-Learning Space Christmas Party
09.12.2020 Peer Group Communication
08.12.2020 Virtual exchange Steering Committee
27.11.2020 Steering Committee Meeting
17.11.2020 Peer Group Finances
03.11.2020 Virtual exchange Steering Committee
29.10.2020 Peer Group Events
06.10.2020 Virtual exchange Steering Committee
18.09.2020 Webinar Agile Management
14.09.2020 Webinar Agile Management
11.09.2020 The 2019 annual report by Hamburg's clusters is delivered to the Senator for Economics and Innovation by drone
10.09.2020 Webinar Agile Management
08.09.2020 Virtual exchange Steering Committee
02.09.2020 Peer Group Finances
28.08.2020 Virtual exchange Steering Committee
18.08.2020 Peer Group Communication
13.08.2020 Peer Group Events
11.08.2020 Virtual exchange Steering Committee
04.08.2020 CLS Tool-Time
22.07.2020 Peer Group Events
14.07.2020 Virtual exchange Steering Committee
01.07.2020 CLS Tool-Time
24.06.2020 Peer Group Events
23.06.2020 Peer Group Communication
16.06.2020 Virtual exchange Steering Committee
08.06.2020 Virtual Kick-off
02.06.2020 Virtual exchange Steering Committee
01.06.2020 Start of the new proect "Co-Learning Space for Hamburg's clusters: Collective engagement with new topics and stakeholders"
25.05.2020 Webinar How to submit project applications
20.05.2020 Webinar How to submit project applications
19.05.2020 Virtual exchange Steering Committee
19.05.2020 Peer Group Finances
18.05.2020 Webinar How to submit project applications
14.05.2020 Peer Group Communication & Events
11.05.2020 Webinar How to submit project applications
22.04.2020 Webinar Train the Trainer
20.04.2020 Webinar Train the Trainer
20.04.2020 Peer Group Communication & Events
16.04.2020 Virtual exchange Steering Committee
15.04.2020 Webinar Train the Trainer
06.04.2020 Peer Group Communication
31.03.2020 Discussion How to deal with Corona
24.03.2020 Peer Group Communication
10.03.2020 Peer Group Finances
25.02.2020 Peer Group Communication
20.02.2020 Peer Group Projects
17.12.2019 Steering Committee Meeting
28.11.2019 Information session about Digitalization in Hamburg and
27.11.2019 Peer Group Projects
25.11.2019 Seminar How to submit an application
20.11.2019 Peer Group Communication
19.11.2019 Peer Group Finances
08.11.2019 Seminar Agile Methodologies
05.11.2019 Peer Group Events
02.10.2019 Seminar Agile Methodologies and Design Thinking
24.09.2019 Co-Learning Space in Tour: Visit of the Cross Innovation Hub
30.08.2019 Peer Group Communication
26.08.2019 Peer Group Finances
23.08.2019 Peer Group Events
22.08.2019 Steering Committee Meeting
23.07.2019 Seminar Creative Presentation Techniques
27.06.2019 Seminar Visual Thinking
07.06.2019 Meeting wit the Start-up AG and Steering Committee Meeting
08.05.2019 Peer Group Communication + Events
12.04.2019 Peer Group Communication + Events
26.03.2019 Steering Committee Meeting
22.03.2019 Peer Group Communication and Events
21.03.2019 Information session about qualified employees
06.03.2019 Peer Group Finances
14.02.2019 Peer Group Projects
24.01.2019 Peer Group Events
19.12.2018 World Café Artificial Intelligence
12.12.2018 Meeting with the Start-up AG
11.12.2018 Workshop aging population
06.12.2018 Peer Group Finances
22.11.2018 Peer Group Events
15.11.2018 Seminar procurement law
13.11.2018 Peer Group Communication
09.11.2018 Peer Group Projects
18., 23. + 30.10.2018 Seminar time and self management
16.09.2018 Seminar Storytelling
14.09.2018 Peer Group Communikation
07.09.2018 Peer Group Finances
31.08.2018 Peer Group Events
21.08. + 23.08.2018 Presentation skills Bootcamp
26.07.2018 Peer Group Projects
19.07.2018 Information session about beyourpilote, starthhub
04.07.2018 Peer Group Finances
26.06.2018 Mid-term review (see the press release for further information: )
12.06.2018 Workshop aging population
25.05.2018 Information session about KPI-Systems
24.05.2018 Peer Group Communication
16.05.2018 Peer Group Events
09.05.2018 Peer Group Finances
19.04.2018 Information session about the project WiNDroVe
04.04.2018 Peer Group Projects
28.03.2018 Workshop aging population
20.03.2018 Steering Committee meeting
13.03.2018 Afterwork
13.03.2018 Seminar GDPR
28.02.2018 Seminar conflict management
22.02.2018 Peer Group Communication
21.02.2018 Seminar GDPR
14.02.2018 Peer Group Events
09.02.2018 workshop GDPR
24. - 25.01.2018 Presentation seminar for cluster managers
09.01.2018 Steering Committee meeting
13.12.2017 Strategy workshop: start-ups
12.12.2017 Fourth Afterwork. Keynote speech by Dr. Petra Burgstaller (Cluster BioM) about services for start-up companies
06. + 07.12.2017 Seminar: innovation management
04.12.2017 Training: new European data protection regulation
30.11.2017 Peer Group Events: annual plan of the clusters
23.11.2017 Peer Group Finances
18.10.2017 Steering Committee meeting
10.10.2017 Afterwork
28.09.2017 Peer Group Finances
20.09.2017 Peer Group Communication: cluster identity
06.09.2017 Peer Group Events: Exchange about locations/experiences
04.09.2017 Workshop Qualification Approach. Meeting for the Managing directors of the clusters
15.08.2017 Peer Group Projects: knowledge management (continuation)
08.08.2017 Third Afterwork
19.07.2017 Peer Group Communication: cluster identity
18.07.2017 Peer Group Projects: knowledge management
11.07.2017 Peer Group Finances: grants
05.07.2017 Strategic Management meeting and Steering Committee meeting
21.06.2017 Peer Group Events: event formats

Second Afterwork: Presentation by dr. Andreas Zimmer (Director Clustermanagement Tourismus Brandenburg and Dr. Detmat Leitow (Director Clustermanagement Ernährungswirtschaft Brandenburg): Formats – do’s and dont’s.


Peer Group Finances: grants


Peer Group Communication: cluster identification and cluster identity


Peer Group Projects: knowledge transfer and dimensions of knowledge

27.04.2017 Cluster Breakfast. Meeting for the Managing Directors of the clusters, discussions about current developments and definition and initiation of common strategic activities.
18.04.2017 Peer Group Projects: regulations

First Afterwork event with international participation.
Greeting Dr. Thorsten Sevecke (Ministry of Economy, Transport and Innovation, head of the department of structure and innovation policy, middle class and harbour). Keynote speeches by Merete Daniel Nielsen (Director Cluster Excellence Denmark) about insights in approaches and experiences in cluster policy of our Danish neighbours and by Christina Große-Möller (ZAL, Center of Applied Aeronautical Research) about WiNDroVe -  UAV-based air traffic system in an urban area.

30.03.2017 Constitutive meeting of the Peer Group finances: presentation, identification of topics, agreement of further cooperation 
23.03.2017 First Peer Group meeting Events: presentation, identification of topics, agreement of further cooperation 
21.03.2017 First Peer Group meetings Communication and Projects: presentation, identification of topics, agreement of further cooperation 
16.02.2017 Kick-off Peer Groups Communication, Projects and Events
19.01.2017 Kick-off Steering Committee: institutionalisation of the committee (cluster managers and Ministry of Economy, Transport and Innovation),  signature of the cooperation agreement, prioritization of topics
12/2016 – 01/2017 Interviews with the cluster managers to identify expectations, needs, barriers and specific topics.
01.12.2016 Operational project start
01.11.2016 Project approval